Preparing for the Big Day – Part 2

Hi! This is the second part of my moving in guide – find the first part here.

So, onto part two!


Step Two – Personal Stuff

I classify the stuff in this part as things that you could live without, but would make your life a whole lot better if you had them. These are things like photos, fairy lights, books, DVDs (or in my case a blender…) etc. that will make you feel more at home or give you something to do.


My first instinct in pretty much every situation is to make a list, so maybe you could try that before you start to pack – it will help you realise what you don’t yet have.

Start out by running through a usual day for yourself, from getting up, to getting ready, to eating, to… Doing what you do! For example: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, retainer (dont want to forget that!), shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, flannel etc. Then moving onto eating – you’ll need a bowl for cereal maybe or a plate if you’re feeling toast in the morning (these are already down on your essentials list though, right?) and something to eat that with, maybe for lunch you’re going to make yourself beans on toast so you’ll need a saucepan (again, essential!), and maybe some clingfilm to cover it up in the fridge if you dont use the whole tin. So, that’s a start, right?

a) Cleaning

Okay, onto the things you may not think about. You’re going to need things to clean with if you want to actually make your room appealing to others! Cleaning musts in my opinion are as follows (but for example you might only want spray and a sponge instead of wipes – so personalise it!):

  • Duster and furniture polish (doesn’t have to be expensive – I have Tesco Everyday Value!)
  • Washing up liquid and sponge/cloth (no, the fairies don’t do it)
  • Antibacterial/Cleaning wipes (for wiping up any spillages and general cleaning)
  • Antibacterial Spray and sponge/cloth (Dettol do an all-purpose one that you can use in the kitchen and bathroom which is really handy – that’s what I have) (I hate to say it but you will be responsible for your own living area! So if you want to keep your room and kitchen clean and hygenic, giving these areas a once over every so often is crucial!)
  • Toilet bleach
  • You can go wild and get specific cleaning products like bathroom/kitchen, but check where they can be used first – you dont want to damage the surfaces and then be liable for charges at the end of the year!


b) Make Yourself at Home

Once again, everyone is different in what they bring to uni. Have a look round your room to see what you would really like to take with you and write that down, or leave it to one side maybe if you’d prefer not to. Think about things to make you feel like home such as fairy lights or photos, and then things to do like books for reading/cooking and DVDs. This is really the easy part, as you’re just putting all your stuff into cases/bags/boxes, and most of the time you don’t actually need to buy anything extra. Do check though what your halls provides for you so you can remember to get anything else to put on top of your room inventory.

For example, this year, my accommodation doesn’t supply me with any of the following in the kitchen: microwave, kettle, toaster, kitchen bin, anything like kitchen roll or washing up liquid (which is the usual), iron, ironing board, hoover, mop and bucket, dustpan and brush etc.

They also don’t supply any of the following in my actual room: bedroom/bathroom bin, and any light source (like a desk light) apart from the main ceiling light.

To make your move easier and to help you settle in quicker, check your room inventory as living without a bedroom bin right now is pretty weird… I’m using a back inside one of the boxes I used to get all my stuff here! Sometimes you will have to improvise for a while (like my makeshift bin…), but also for things that you might not foresee. For example, I’ve been in my accommodation now for just over a week, and two nights ago was the first time I went to use the oven. I’ve previously just used the hob for a quick stir fry or to cook some pasta, but when I went to use the oven, it didn’t work!! Luckily, Birmingham is host to many a takeaway establishment, so improvising was done.

So – list time. Check if your room includes a desk lamp, because in the event that you’re studying a little after dark, you might not want your big room light on and would prefer a smaller desk lamp. I’m lacking this right now, so it just goes to show that I should have written this before I actually moved in myself…

Other, smaller and more homely things you might want to think about is a toothbrush holder, a games console maybe, hairdryer, printer, photoframes, blu/whitetac, jewellry box etc. – it’s your room at the end of the day, personalise it!